Beta Sig Alumni

Beta Sig CrestWelcome Alumni!

The Lafayette Alumni Chapter of Beta Sigma Psi was founded in 1953 to serve as a support group and mentors for the Beta Sigs on Purdue’s campus.  All brothers of Beta Chapter who graduate from Purdue University in good standing with the fraternity become members.  We also welcome brothers from other Beta Sig chapters who attend Purdue for Graduate School, get a job at Purdue, or want to be involved because they have relocated to this area.

We are always looking for ways to keep our Alumni Brothers connected to the fraternity.  Our alumni include leaders of industry, public servants, professionals and tradesmen. Most importantly, our alumni also dedicate themselves towards being productive members of their communities and leaders in their congregations.  Servant leadership in the model of our Lord Jesus Christ is the standard that all Beta Sigs try to live up to.

With your help Beta Sigma Psi will continue to grow and serve as an example of true Christian faith to the Purdue campus and greater global community.  We are always looking to share the opportunities afforded by Beta Sigma Psi with others and we hope that you can help us with this goal.  If you want to get involved as a Director or Committee Member of the Alumni Chapter, contact Jeffrey Williams – Alumni Chapter President:

Please tell others in your churches and communities about Beta Sigma Psi.  If you know any young men who may be getting ready to attend Purdue or another university with a Beta Sigma Psi chapter, encourage him to check our the fraternity.  In fact, you can pass his information along directly to the Active Chapter at Purdue and they will be in touch.  The Beta Chapter Officers can always be contacted by emailing:

Ways that you can keep in touch as a Beta Sig Alumnus