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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


What is Beta Sigma Psi?


Beta Sigma Psi is the National Lutheran Fraternity, founded in 1925 as an out-growth of the Concordia Club for Lutheran Men. These clubs at the University of Illinois, Purdue University and the University of Michigan came together to form a National Fraternity that would be recognized by the Inter-fraternity Council. The clubs were organized as collegiate chapters on each campus that would have official standing with their respective Universities. Today, Beta Sigma Psi has 10 chapters across the Midwest.


Why live at Beta Sigma Psi?

Going to college is an exciting experience with many opportunities and challenges for new students. As a men’s fraternity founded on the bedrock of true Christian faith found in the Lutheran confessions, Beta Sigma Psi was formed to be of service to the Lutheran Church and her youth. At the Beta Sig house, students know that they will be surrounded by other men who share their faith and values as they further their education. Lutheran clergy, alumni, and faculty members meet with the chapter regularly to make sure everything is going smoothly and resident needs are being met.

In addition to access to advisors, a faith-based atmosphere, and regular bible studies, there are academic and social benefits. Students have the opportunity to consult with upper-classmen who can offer academic guidance, or study together with other residents who may be in their classes. Residents also work together to manage a household as brothers, offering many learning opportunities and a home-like atmosphere that can’t be matched by the dorms.

What is the Freshman Boarding Program?

Fraternal life is not for everyone, so the Freshman Boarding Program is a way to try it out before making a commitment to join Beta Sigma Psi. Each year, we offer a limited number of spots to first-year Purdue Students to live in the Beta Sig Chapter House at Purdue. Students can either sign up with a roommate in mind, or be matched with another first-year student with similar interests. Spots are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and scholarships are awarded for academic achievement.

Freshman Boarders enjoy all the same rights as Beta Sig Brothers in access to the house living facilities. However, they also are expected to follow all Risk Management policies and conduct themselves as Christian Gentlemen towards other residents. After their freshman year, if students decide to join Beta Sigma Psi they may elect to stay in the Chapter House for another year. There is absolutely no obligation to join the fraternity and students will be released from their contract for the Spring Semester if they discontinue attendance at Purdue.


What is a Beta Sig?

A “Beta Sig” is a brother of Beta Sigma Psi Fraternity. Beta Sigs seek to conduct themselves as Christian Gentlemen and strive towards the values of the Three S’s: Spiritual Growth, Scholastic Achievement, and Social Responsibility. Our alumni include leaders of industry, public servants, professionals and tradesmen. Most importantly, our alumni also dedicate themselves towards being productive members of their communities and leaders in their congregations.


What connection does Beta Sigma Psi have with Purdue University?

As a member of the Purdue Inter-Fraternity Council, Beta Sigma Psi is a Registered Student Organization of Purdue University. Our members take part in IFC activities and receive guidance from the Assistant Dean of Students in the Office of Fraternity, Sorority, and Cooperative Life. Our relationship with Purdue helps us coordinate regulatory, health, and safety inspections by the City of West Lafayette and State of Indiana.


What connection does Beta Sigma Psi have with the Lutheran Church?

Beta Sigma Psi is a pan-Lutheran organization that welcomes men from all Lutheran denominations. We are not a church and do not try to take the place of a local congregation, instead encouraging our members to become active with other Lutheran ministries on campus. Over the years many of our members have held offices and positions of responsibility at University Lutheran Church (LCMS) and Purdue Lutheran Ministry (ELCA).

Our requirements for joining Beta Sigma Psi as an Associate Member include confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. In order to be initiated as an Active Member we require that our men either be a confirmed member of a Lutheran congregation in their hometown, or go through a Catechism Class with Lutheran Clergy on campus.